About us


We are three young farmers (Matt, Lauren and James) who have all grown up in Newcastle and have a passion for good food. 

Originally the farm was run by Feedback Organic Recovery's David Sivyer, who encouraged and then employed the three of us to help deliver organic, locally grown food to Newcastle and its surrounding suburbs! However, David eventually handed over farm management to Matt, as managing the farm himself was becoming more difficult with his ambitions to work with local councils to encourage sustainability regarding food wastage. 



As a result, we all decided it would be best to make a new organisation that was separate but not completely removed from Feedback Organic. This meant David could continue directing Feedback Organic how he had envisioned and we could still continue to deliver our customers locally grown food!

At Feedback Farms we are driven to grow produce that is fresh, health, nutrient-rich and environmentally sustainable. We love sharing our food, skills and experience with our community whether it be in the garden or in the kitchen so please don't hesitate to get in touch and say hello!!

For more information on David and Feedback Organic Recovery, feel free to check out https://feedbackorganic.com.au/